Aviation fluids approved for your fleet

Enterprise Oil is an authorized distributor of Eastman turbo oils, Skydrol™ hydraulic fluids, and SkyKleen™ aviation cleaning solvents. Eastman Aviation Solutions offers a package of industry-leading turbo oils, hydraulic fluids, and cleaning solvents with the support you need to get off the ground. With every can or bottle, you also receive proven performance, reliable supply, and expert technology support.

  • Proven performance: Used in approximately 12,000 commercial aircraft and 24,000 engines in service today—completing over 2 billion flight hours

  • Reliable supply: Dependable manufacturing capabilities and global distribution along with expert logistics support

  • Expert technical support: Eastman has been a leading industry supplier for over 50 years, committed to collaboration and exceeding customer needs

Which products are right for your fleet?

Eastman is proud to offer a variety of industry-leading products and services that meet the demands of the aviation industry. To help you select the right products for your fleet, you can view industry approvals by application and product.

Now that you know which products are approved for your fleet, see which products best meet your needs based on your specific fleet operating conditions. Click the product name to download the product technical data sheet (TDS) for more details.


Eastman turbo oils

  • Eastman Turbo Oil 2197™

    • Optimal engine cleanliness—Better engine health due to best-in-class thermal stability

    • Improved engine reliability—Excellent lubrication performance from mild to severe operating environments.

    • Longer fluid life—Best-in-class hydrolytic and thermal stability helps to prevent oil breakdown.

  • Eastman Turbo Oil 2380™

    • Avoid premature diode failures—Optimal electrical conductivity provides reliable generator performance.

    • Reduced hard starts—Engine can be started at low temperatures without fear of wear issues.

    • Maximum bearing protection—Best-in-class load-carrying ability

  • Eastman Turbo Oil 2389™

    • Reduced hard starts—Engine can be started at low temperatures without fear of wear issues.

    • Trusted solution—It meets or exceeds the requirements of U.S. Military specification MIL-PRF-7808 Grade 3.

    • Advanced APU performance–Provides excellent “cold soak” reliability in aircraft APUs

  • Eastman Turbo Oil 25™

    • Optimal transmission and gearbox life—High gear load-carrying capability protects against wear in critical systems.

    • Reliable performance—Proven performance in helicopter transmissions and enhanced gear wear protection.

  • Eastman HALO 157

    • Advanced transmission and gearbox protection—High gear load-carrying capability resists wear in critical systems.

    • Dependable protection—Corrosion resistance provides essential component protection.

Skydrol™ aviation hydraulic fluids

  • Skydrol PE-5

    • Reduced maintenance and increased performance—Longest fluid life of any phosphate ester fluid under high-moisture, low-moisture, high-temperature, and mild-temperature conditions

    • Fuel savings—Lower density offers significant weight savings.

    • Faster cold starts—Ideal combination of density (specific gravity) and low-temperature viscosity

    • Improved system reliability—Offers erosion protection at 3000 and 5000 psi, which leads to decreased maintenance and downtime

  • Skydrol 5

    • Fuel savings—Lowest-density phosphate-ester hydraulic fluid, offering weight reductions

    • Improved system reliability—Higher temperature capability than Type IV fluids, providing thermal stability and erosion resistance

    • Longer wear—Its exceptional paint compatibility allows it to be less aggressive toward aircraft paints

    • Fire resistance—Improved fire resistance over Type IV fluids in spray ignition tests

  • Skydrol LD-4

    • Improved system reliability—High-temperature capability offers thermal stability and erosion protection in valves.

    • Proven erosion resistance—A breakthrough product, solving previous problems of valve erosion

  • Skydrol 500B-4

    • Proven track record—Longest service history among phosphate ester fluids

    • System reliability—Contains the same breakthrough anti-erosion additive and acid scavenger found in Skydrol LD-4

    • Less irritation—Only commercially available standard-density fluid, favored for its lower irritation potential that makes it the most user-friendly aviation phosphate ester

SkyKleen™ aviation cleaning solvents—Safer, smarter aviation solvents that combine excellent cleaning performance with environmentally friendly characteristics 

  • SkyKleen 1000 is a liquid.

    • Best for general cleaning, including engine cleaning, surface cleaning, and degreasing.

  • SkyKleen 2000 is a paste.

    • Because the paste doesn’t run, it is best when additional solvent soak times are needed, such as for removal of room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone, polysulfide sealants, carbon from brake and piston housings, and adhesive or epoxy.