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Enterprise Oil is an authorized distributor of the Eastman Aviation Turbo, Skydrol, and Skykleen fluids. The Eastman Aviation fluids are industry-leading turbine, hydraulic, and solvent fluids. These fluids are specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern aviation industry. Each fluid has a wide range of industry approvals that spans civil air crafts, military planes, business jets, helicopters, and more. 

Eastman Turbo Oils include the following: 

  • Turbo Oil 25

  • Turbo Oil 2197

  • Turbo Oil 2380

  • Turbo Oil 2389

  • Halo 157

Eastman Skydrol Hydraulic Fluids include the following: 

  • Skydrol SKY-5

  • Skydrol 500B-4

  • Skydrol LD-4

  • Skydrol PE-5

Eastman Skykleen Aviation Solvents include the following: 

  • Skykleen 1000

  • Skykleen 2000

These products are available in numerous package sizes. If you are interested in purchasing these Eastman Turbo Oils, Skydrol Hydraulic Fluids, or Skykleen Aviation Solvents, please contact us at Quotes@entoilusa.com