Durafilm Overview

The Durafilm product line provides your industrial equipment with maximum protection while significantly reducing your maintenance costs. The product line has been trusted by our customers for nearly 30-years and continues to be a high-quality, cost effective lubricant solution for large and small customers alike.

The Durafilm product line includes hydraulic oils, turbine oils, cylinder oils, gear oils, waylubes, spindle oils, compressor oils, and greases.  Enterprise Oil also has synthetic and food grade products in all of its product categories. Additionally, our company regularly formulates custom products so that we can solve any issues our customers are facing.

Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

Durafilm AW Hydraulic oils are premium quality anti-wear hydraulic and industrial fluids formulated with the highest quality base stocks and additives. These oils offer su­perior resistance to sludge formation, are chemically stable, and provide excellent an­tiwear protection.Durafilm AW Hydraulic oils are recommended for use in vane, piston, and gear pumps. They are also recommended for use as gear and bearing lubricants in industrial applications where rust and oxidation inhibited oils are required. 

ISO grade 22, 32, 46, 68 and 100 are available. Specialty hydraulic fluids are available upon request.

Extreme Pressure Gear Oils

Durafilm EP Compounds are premium quality industrial gear oils designed for a wide variety of industrial applications where extreme pressure conditions prevail. These lubricants are compounded with premium quality base oils and a select EP additive system, which offers particularly effective anti-wear characteristics and protection against shock loading.


Durafilm EP Compounds have excellent oxidation stability, thermal stability, foam suppression, and water separation characteristics. These oils are especially effective in the lubrication of worm gears, as well as bevel, helical, spur, and herringbone gears where severe shock or overloads are encountered.

ISO 68, 100, 150, 220, and 320 are available. Additional viscosities are available upon request.

Multi-Purpose Gear Oils

Durafilm Premium MP Gear Oils are multipurpose extreme-pressure gear lubricants designed for severe service. The high performance quality level is achieved with an additive package that provides protection against shock loading and high gear tooth pressures encountered in passenger cars, trucks, earthmoving, construction and other heavy duty equipment. 


Durafilm Premium MP Gear Oils are formulated using naturally high VI solvent-refined base oils. They are designed to provide excellent load carrying capacity, extreme pressure properties, anti-foam performance, demulsibility, corrosion protection, thermal stability protection and service fill limited slip capability.

80W-90 and 85W-140 viscosities are availabile.

Spindle Oils

Durafilm Spindle Oils are premium quality oils designed for the lubrication of high speed machine parts.They provide excellent performance in very high speed bearings such as those found in many machine tools and are also suitable for use in non-critical hydraulic oil applications where low viscosity oil is required. These oils provide good oxidation stability, resistance to wear and rust formation.

ISO 2, 10 and 22 are available.

Way Oils

Durafilm Way Oils are special products developed for the lubrication of machine tool ways and slides where extreme precision or slow speeds make it necessary that stick-slip or chatter be eliminated. These oils possess high film strength, impart good metal-wetting, adhesiveness, and EP characteristics. Durafilm Way Oils are designed to demulsify from water-based coolants allowing easy skimming. 

ISO 32, 68, 150 and 220 are available. 

Specialty Products

If you have a need for a product not highlighted above, we have the capability to formulate, blend, and package a product to meet your specific needs. In fact, many of the product lines above were a result of our formulation efforts to solve our customers’ problems years ago!

To contact a member of our industrial team, please use Industrial@entoilusa.com or dial (773) 847-6700 and ask for one of our team members.