Durafilm Overview

The Durafilm product line provides your industrial equipment with maximum protection while significantly reducing your maintenance costs.  The Durafilm product line includes hydraulic oils, turbine oils, cylinder oils, gear oils, waylubes, spindle oils, compressor oils, and greases.  Enterprise Oil also has synthetic and food grade products in all of its product categories. Additionally, our company regularly formulates custom products so that we can solve any issues our customers are facing.


Duracuts are “Advanced Technology” cutting oils that offer improved tool life and finer finishes with strict adherence to global environmental requirements.  If you are attempting to eliminate chlorine from your cutting oils to meet OSHA and EPA standards, the Duracut line contains proven chlorine-free products for your toughest applications.  Duracut products can be custom formulated to work on all operations and all metals.


Duracool is a superior line of cutting and grinding fluids that are both environmentally and operator friendly.  The Duracool line of products include Synthetic, Semi-synthetic and Water Soluble Oil coolants that are engineered to be biostable with the benefits of longer life and easy disposal.  The Duracool product line eliminates the “Monday Morning Stench” associated with water based coolants by combining specific additives that are bioresistant to bacteria and fungus growth.  In addition, the Duracool line contains additives that offer improved lubricity that can handle tough applications like aluminum tapping and gun drilling.


Duragrind is a quality line of grinding oils utilizing high performance additives specially designed to increase tool and wheel life and improve finishes in all straight oil grinding applications.  Duragrind products can be used for all grinding oil applications including gear grinding, gear hobbing, flute grinding, and bar grinding.


Duradraw is a complete line of drawing and stamping fluids, cold heading lubricants, and wire drawing compounds.  In addition, Enterprise Oil offers vanishing oils for light stamping where no residue can be tolerated. All Duradraw products enhance die life through state-of-the-art technology engineered into each product.


Duraclean products come in many forms from the simplest solvents to complex parts cleaners. We have both high flash solvents and biodegradable water based cleaners for manufacturers who want a safe alternative to cleaning their parts.  The Duraclean line also includes maintenance cleaners, such as floor cleaners, machine cleaners, and sump cleaners.


The NoRust line of rust preventatives is a versatile line of products designed for machine shops, platers and anywhere corrosion protection is critical.  The NoRust line includes solvent based rust preventatives that are dry to the touch and leave a slight waxy film offering up to a year of indoor storage.  These products also feature properties including water displacement, fingerprint neutralization, and acid protection. We include in this line oil based rust preventatives and combinations of solvent and oil products, all of which leave an oily sheen with excellent indoor storage protection. 

Specialty Products

Additional specialty products offered by Enterprise Oil include tapping fluids, thread cutting oils, EDM fluids (conventional and synthetic), form releases, lapping oils, honing oils, and penetrating oils.


If you have a need for a product not highlighted above, we have the capability to formulate, blend, and package a product to meet your specific needs. In fact, many of the product lines above were a result of our formulation efforts to solve our customers’ problems years ago!

To contact a member of our industrial team, please use Industrial@entoilusa.com or dial (773) 847-6700 and ask for one of our team members.